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Our icy, snowy Tri-county roads make vehicle collision a common occurrence throughout winter. Because vehicles are more vulnerable to rust development after a winter collision than they are following a spring or summer accident, prompt auto body repairs are critical to avoid further damage.

Performing repairs in frigid weather is more challenging than performing them in moderate temperatures. That’s why finding an auto repair shop that understands how cold weather can affect the body of your vehicle is so important. Below, the experts at Steve’s Hometown Collision Center explain what every vehicle owner should know about getting auto body repairs during winter.

Cold Temperatures Cause Paint Cracking

If your vehicle requires a major fix and or touch-up paint after a collision, be aware that the newly applied paint can be vulnerable to cracking in cold weather. In fact, fully intact paint on a non-damaged automobile can even crack in freezing temperatures! However, this unfortunate situation usually only occurs on vehicles that previously had a poorly applied paint job.

To avoid paint cracking have the body of your vehicle repainted or even touched up, make sure you ask the auto repair shop whether they perform their work in a temperature-controlled environment. After repair don’t park it in your driveway! Keep it in the garage if possible.

Dent Removal Can Cause Metal Damage

If your vehicle was in a minor accident with no paint damage, most auto body repair specialists will recommend paintless dent repair. But cold weather causes metal to become more rigid, which, like paint, makes it more vulnerable to cracking.

The best way to avoid further damage to the body panels or the bumper of your vehicle is to make sure the repair specialists plan to heat the metal slightly before pulling out the dent. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about their repair process if you feel the need — it’s your vehicle after all, and you’re paying for the repairs!

Paint Requires More Time to Dry

If you’re getting touch-up paint on any of your body panels, be aware that it will take longer to dry the colder it is outside. While you might need your vehicle back as quickly as possible, it’s best to let it sit at the repair shop for a few extra hours just to make sure the paint is fully dry. If you need to arrange a rental vehicle while your car or truck is in the shop, it may be a good idea to reserve it for an extra day. That way, your touch-up paint has plenty of time to cure properly before you pick up your ride.

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